Organise your games the no fuss way

If you love to play football with your mates, but struggle to get everyone organised each week, then Are We 10 is for you.

Set up your game in seconds, invite your friends and let us take care of the rest.

Organise your game

Make sure you have the right numbers. No more shall you be 4 v 5 with a rush goalkeeper.

Add friends & Ringers

If you are struggling for numbers, no fear just add in some ringers and invite your other friends!

Kick off on time

Keep track of the bibs and the balls. Sign up via your mobile and play more football.

Simple, quick and easy

Its so simple. Sign up via facebook, twitter or email. Create your game and share the code amongst your team.

Then each week sit back and watch the game take control of itself, are we ten yet?

Start playing now

On your phone. On your laptop. Works anywhere

Available on your phone or the desktop, not missing that game has never been easier. With SMS support coming soon too!

Start playing now